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Welcome back, we've missed you!

Created from childhood memories with the feel of the traditional sweet shop we used to know and love. We have over 400 products to temp you..."

Our Shop

Surrounded by beautiful gardens & the only working, six sailed windmill in Lincolnshire, McMillers invites you into this picture perfect setting.


Discover our numerous pieces of ‘Charlie & The Chocolate Factory’ memorabilia. We may not be able to let you swim in a chocolate river but we can help you to explore a world of pure imaginaton...


There is a selection of small craft units along with a picnic & play area which allows the centre to entertain young and old alike. There is also free parking & toilet facilities.

Family Business

As a family business we are proud to be dealing with suppliers from other family-run establishments who are still using traditional methods. Our boiled sweets are still produced in copper pans and our handmade fudge & toffees are made at a small holding in Yorkshire.

World of wonder

Here at McMillers Sweets Emporium we source our products and suppliers from worldwide locations. Dealing with traditional British firms as well as firms from Finland, Italy, Denmark, Australia and Spain to name but a few!

Top Quality

Our top quality, branded products are on the shelf waiting for you! If you thought it was impossible to obtain the sweets you use to love so much, you thought wrong.

We Are Only A Memory Away

Our Shop

There’s something for all, young & old,
There are numerous stories waiting to be told.
Come and see all of "Candy Man's" hidden treasures
Experience new tastes & even more pleasure.

If you like to stay slim then there is something for you,
It’s called "Aussie Licorice", NO fat just, fruit!
If you’re feeling a little bit under the weather
Our medicinal sweets could make you feel better.

We cater for all, nasty people too,
If you want to trick your friends, we have the
perfect choice for you,
Maybe your daring?, Enjoy a challenge? Or brave?
This is an experience you will want to save!

What about if you’re little, No teeth? Just starting out?
We know just what you’ll like, so give us a shout.

Are you from the "yellow finger" generation?
Our different kalis will cause a sensation,
You must be prepared they are very tart!
But so much flavour comes with it being so sharp.

Bring Nanna for her favourite, soft fruit or teacake.
And there is always a chair if you need to take a break,
Last but not least for the diabetics, it’s true
I have a whole shelf dedicated to you!