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Created from childhood memories with the feel of the traditional sweet shop we used to know and love. We have over 500 products to temp you..."

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Bon-Bons yummy yum yums
Bon Bons
Sample our range of numerous Bon Bons ranging from soft subtle Vimto & Lemon flavours to the more unusual Devonshire Clotted Cream.
Chocolate adore our choccy
We have a great range of chocolate coated products ranging from the Traditional Chocolate Brazil to the very distinctive chocolate covered Coffee Bean.
Fizzy Sour taste the fizz
Fizzy Sour
One sweet that has made a reputation that really stands out from the rest is our Mega Sours! Stronger than you may have tried before this sweet has attracted the brave and the curious alike and for those of you that prefer your sours a bit tamer we have more than you can imagine to choose from...
Hand Made treat yourself
Hand Made
We have a fantastic range of handmade toffees, fudges, buttered Brazils and other fantastic treats. Made in a small village in Yorkshire by a family run business you will never tire of our variation of flavours.
Liquorice mmmmmmm sweet
With a full wall devoted to Liquorice our Worldwide Selection a real treat for Liquorice fans all over. I can’t describe it, you have to see it to believe it...
Nanas Favourite feel good
Nanas Favourite
Our range of Herbal, Menthol & Medicinal products is guaranteed to clear up the smallest cough or the almighty cold...
Hard Boiled hard enough
Hard Boiled
From the traditional Sherbet Lemon & Sweet Peanuts to the more modern Fizzy Dandelion & Burdock our selection of hard boiled sweets could seriously keep you entertained for months!
Kali Licks mouth watering
Kali Licks
Transport yourself back to the good old days when with every ounce of Lemon Kali a yellow finger was guaranteed. Pick from our range of flavours, you can guarantee yourself a green, blue, red, purple or yellow finger!
Sugar Free I cant believe it no sugar
Sugar Free
Our Sugar Free selection has it‘s own dedicated shelf with many different products for you to choose from. We have a variation of boiled & jellied sweets that have been tried and tested by diabetics alike and guess what... you would struggle to tell the difference!
Mints & Rocks mmmm minty
Mints & Rocks
From traditional Mint Imperial & old fashioned Humbugs to a delectable variation of Fruit flavoured & Mint flavoured rocks, we have the perfect choice for you to keep in your car.

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